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The Sabarmati Report 2024 Bollywood Movie Download In HD MP4movies

Released on May 3rd, 2024, “The Sabarmati Report” stirred the conscience of Indian audiences with its poignant exploration of a sensitive and deeply divisive chapter in the nation’s history. Directed by Ranjan Chandel and backed by the powerhouses of Balaji Motion Pictures and Vikir Films Production, the film garnered immense attention for its thought-provoking narrative, stellar performances, and its potential to ignite crucial conversations. Let’s delve into the world of “The Sabarmati Report”, unraveling its story, cast, impact, and the lingering questions it poses.

Release Date3 May 2024
DirectorRanjan Chandel
ProductionBalaji Motion Pictures, Vikir Films Production
CastRidhi Dogra, Raashi Khanna, Vikrant Massey
GenreDrama, Thriller

The Sabarmati Report 2024 Bollywood Movie Download In HD MP4movies

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The supporting cast, featuring seasoned actors like Ridhi Dogra and Anupam Kher, lends further depth and weight to the narrative. Each character, regardless of their position in the narrative, embodies a distinct perspective, forcing the audience to confront the multifaceted nature of the conflict.


The film revolves around the investigation into a communal clash that erupts in the fictional city of Sabarmati, mirroring the tragic realities of real-life events. Amidst the smoldering embers of violence and simmering social unrest, two individuals find themselves on opposing sides of the investigation: Maya Krishna Rao (played by Raashi Khanna), a fiercely dedicated and idealistic public prosecutor, and Veer Pratap Singh (played by Vikrant Massey), a shrewd and ambitious defense lawyer driven by his own complex motivations.

Box Office and Budget:

Opening to strong reviews and generating considerable buzz, “The Sabarmati Report” achieved moderate box office success, grossing approximately ₹85 crore at the domestic box office. While not a blockbuster by industry standards, the film resonated deeply with audiences seeking meaningful cinema that sparked dialogue and introspection.

Final Thoreau:

“The Sabarmati Report” is a powerful and thought-provoking film that transcends mere entertainment. It is a mirror reflecting the complexities of Indian society, forcing viewers to confront uncomfortable realities and prompting them to seek solutions for a more equitable and peaceful future. While the film may not offer easy answers, it ignites essential conversations and serves as a call to action, urging audiences to bridge divides and strive for a more just and harmonious society.



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