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Parinda Paar Geyaa 2024 Punjabi Movie Download In HD MP4movies

Released in November 2024, “Parinda Paar Geyaa” is a Punjabi romantic drama film directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary. The movie, produced by GS Goga Production in association with RRG Motion Pictures, stars Gurnam Bhullar, Roopi Gill, Gurnazar Chattha, and Isha Sharma in pivotal roles.

Release DateNovember, 2024
Languageਪੰਜਾਬੀ (Punjabi)
DirectorKsshitij Chaudhary
StoryA man tries to follow his dream to be a singer-songwriter.
CastGurnam Bhullar, Roopi Gill, Donny Kapoor, Gurnazar Chattha

Release Date and Trailer:

As mentioned earlier, “Parinda Paar Geyaa” premiered on November 24th, 2024. You can find the official trailer for “Parinda Paar Geyaa” on YouTube:

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  • Gurnam Bhullar as Jassi, a village boy with dreams of becoming a rockstar.
  • Roopi Gill as Preeti, the girl Jassi loves.
  • Donny Kapoor as Jassi’s friend and confidante.
  • Gurnazar Chattha as Jassi’s rival.
  • Lakhanpal as Jassi’s father.
  • Isha Sharma as a supporting role.


Jassi, a young man from a rural village in Punjab, harbors a burning passion for music and dreams of becoming a rockstar. His life takes a turn when he falls in love with Preeti, a beautiful and ambitious girl. However, his journey to stardom is fraught with challenges, including societal expectations, competition, and internal conflicts. Will Jassi overcome these obstacles and achieve his dreams while winning the heart of his beloved Preeti?

Box Office and Budget:

“Parinda Paar Geyaa” opened to a strong box office response in India, earning approximately ₹18-20 crore (US$2.2-2.4 million) in its first weekend. The film’s estimated budget is around ₹8-10 crore (US$1-1.2 million). These figures indicate decent commercial success, although definitive data might not be publicly available.

Final Thoreau:

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